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We provide a platform where You can Anonymously notify your partners about sexually transmitted infections in a safe and secure way through text message or email

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We offer you the opportunity to send both an anonymous text message or an anonymous email


Alert Your Partner is Safe to use. We do not store the personal details of those who use our services


Since we do not store the personal information of our users, your privacy is guaranteed

Developed with Love

We are developed with love from Privi Test, a platform where young people can test and treat STIs.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

This section is for people who have received a message via the website from a sexual partner. The person who sent the message has been diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). They have used the website to advise you that you may be at risk of the infection. It is important to get a test because in most cases STIs are silent infections, meaning there are no signs or symptoms.

Why did Alert Your Partner send a message to me?

When a person is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI), generally they are asked by their doctor to inform sexual partners from the previous six months that may be at risk of the infection.

Wouldn’t I have symptoms if I had an STI?
An STI does not always show signs or symptoms. Having a test is the only way to tell if you have an STI.
Will I definitely have an STI?
No, not all people who are tested because they have been contacted through the ‘Alert Your Partner’ website will turn out to have an STI.
Who sent the message?
The message you received is not initiated by the website provider. People who are diagnosed with an STI can use the ‘Alert Your Partner’ website to send SMS or emails to their sexual partner/s. The website provider cannot provide you with information about who sent the message.
Shouldn’t people who send the message be made to identify themselves?
We know from our research that people are more likely to inform their sexual partner/s about an STI if they can do it without revealing their identity.
What if I think I am being pranked or harassed?

We ask people to use the website responsibly for its intended purpose. The website provider does not control who sends messages. We know from our evaluation of the website that in the vast majority of cases the website is used responsibly for its intended purpose.
If you think someone is using the website in a way that is menacing or harassing, then you have the right to report it to police. The website provider will cooperate with a police investigation.

Can I prevent messages being sent to me in the future?
Yes. Our system has the ability to block your mobile phone number to prevent further messages from being sent to you. If you would like your number blocked please send us the phone number via our ‘Feedback’ page and we will attend to it promptly.

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